Ensemble et solidaires

Groupama Loire Bretagne


The primary aim is retention of our individual tradesmen/retailers/service provider customers (the “ACPS” category), and particularly retailers who were hit hard by the Covid crisis. In creating custom for their businesses, Groupama is demonstrating practical support. This new community-building scheme, named Ensemble & Solidaires, is free of charge to policyholders, and a number have already found dozens of new customers using it.

Lastly, it is a perfect illustration of communities helping each other, as stated in Groupama’s over-arching purpose whereby “We are here to enable as many people as possible to build their lives with confidence, which we do through caring, responsible communities offering mutual support,” because it is mainly our consumer customers who are helping our “ACPS” segment policyholders who are in the Ensemble & Solidaires community, by spending their gift vouchers at their businesses.

The scheme has boosted sales of new motor, home, health and protection insurance policies and referrals by means of an innovative and socially-engaged accelerator for the recovery of local economies.

It is a source of additional customers and therefore additional revenue for GLB retailer policyholders who have registered for the scheme.

How it works:

1 – Interested retailers register on a purpose-built website. This is free of charge. They enter a few details about their business.

2 – Their business appears on the “Ensemble et Solidaires” gift voucher site.

3 – Private or agricultural or tradesmen/retailers/service provider customers who take out a policy with GLB or who refer a customer receive the ‘accelerator’ in the form of a gift code in an email sent a few days after their insurance policy’s inception date.

4 – They go to the “Ensemble et Solidaires” community website and select the retailer where they want to spend their voucher. They print the voucher and present it to the retailer.

5 – The retailer just then has to return to the scheme website and enter the customer reference to receive their refund.

After one year in operation, the scheme is being extended:

– It is also open to all local mutual promotions, so prizes for traffic generation competitions, or member gifts at AGMs, can take the form of “Ensemble & Solidaires” community gift codes.

– Customers will soon be able to buy gift codes themselves (to use themselves or give away) with a contribution from Groupama: a kind of local, community-minded Groupama Wonderbox!