Elus 3.0

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This post-remutualisation project offers the following benefits:

– serves the Dynamique Mutualiste strategy initiated two years ago following the Group’s remutualisation,

– provides insight into our elected representatives (mapping) and their mandates, which helps to promote Groupama influence,

– enhances the role of the network of elected representatives and elected representative/employee synergies in furtherance of Group strategy.

– assists our Elected Representatives in making our Purpose a daily reality at all Local Mutuals.

– promotes and strengthens Elected Representative/Employee synergy, particularly within the context of post-lockdown resumption of business activities.

Elus 3.0 is an application for use by Elected Representatives, helping them to fulfil their roles with their Local Mutual, featuring:

– The ability to make recommendations or complaints originating from members or prospects encountered in the field

– A library of best practices (226) for use by Elected Representatives and employees, pooling all best practices from the 2,900 Local Mutuals

– Data from the portfolio of their local mutual

– Elected Representative files (to comply with the Sapin II regulatory requirement), directories of elected representatives and branches.

– To ensure that Elected Representatives are not required to use several different apps, a link to the “Groupama et Moi” app is active in Elus 3.0

Elus 3.0 is a mobile application focused on corporate life and elected representatives. There had previously been no resource of this kind.

It enables elected representatives to play a full role in the mutualist and commercial strategies of their local and regional mutual: this resource provides the two-year-old Dynamique mutualiste project with a highly practical, operational aspect, ensuring that our mutualist model is a factor of differentiation in the relationship with our members and a driver of value for the Group.