CSR Ambassadors

Groupama Asigurari (Roumanie)

  • Goal

To decentralize our CSR strategy, grow our impact on local communities and build lasting partnerships with tangible benefits for a largest number of people by encouraging volunteering among employees.

  • Solution

We turned to our employees, asking them to help us better understand different communities and find the most suitable way to intervene. They are voluntarily appointed as CSR Ambassadors of their city or areas, thus having the chance to become “a voice” for the communities in which they live, work or are connected to.

  • How it works

The CSR Ambassadors identify an issue that requires our attention. Together with them and local NGOs, we develop and implement a project to address that issue.

In 2022, the project gathered over 14 CSR Ambassadors and over 250 volunteers from our company, which participated in different projects (delivering foods in isolated villages, donating school supplies to children in underprivileged communities, forests and beaches cleaning, implementing a selective waste collection campaign in our offices…)

  • Added value

We managed to reach new and various communities, previously not included in our CSR projects, therefore expanding our positive impact and growing awareness on our community involvement.