Co’nnect digital platform

Groupama Supports et Services

The Co’nnect digital platform is a response to technical and human issues:

– Accelerates adoption of new O365 working practices

– Replaces ageing resources (intranet and social network)

– Implements a new communication strategy, putting the employee at the centre of the company’s communications

– Facilitates employees’ day-to-day work by combining all of these spaces and apps into the same workspace

It is a single space combining all business apps and Office 365, as well as spaces for information and communication, all in just a few clicks.

Technical solution:

Powell Hub integrated with Office 365 solutions

Links with Groupama IS for access to business applications

As a single point of entry and a fully-featured space, Co’nnect is an innovative digital platform in both form and substance. It features exclusive, ultra-recent technologies, placing employees at the centre of its strategy and providing them with a unique cross-functional space.