BTS Assurance

Groupama-Gan Pacifique


Local embedding of a subsidiary of an insurance company from mainland France in a context of giving businesses more local focus and regional autonomy in decision-making and training. Meeting our grassroots issues: recruitment, training and regulatory successes.

New Caledonia is a local authority, administratively part of France, in the Pacific, building its future on being largely independent from France and the prioritisation of its local strengths, whether economic, cultural or social.

It is therefore important, as the third referendum on the island’s independence approaches, that Groupama-Gan Pacifique can initiate partnerships with local institutions and create a training sector, providing a future for local young people and delivering recognition (employability) and performance (skills) to the region.

The creation of an appropriate training course, intended to improve the professionalism of our resources.

The recognition of Groupama-Gan Pacifique within New Caledonia’s ecosystem as a leading name in the training of the region’s young people.

Groupama-Gan Pacifique’s HR department has designed a bespoke vocational 2-year diploma to meet the market and practical needs of the profession. The diploma will take 15 students per year group every two years. The goal is to provide access to employment for young graduates from the course and demonstrate Groupama-Gan Pacifique’s successful involvement and contribution to the region’s development.

A key partner of the Lycée Saint Joseph de Cluny secondary school, Groupama-Gan Pacifique is committed to supporting students and getting involved in the school.

What is the added value?

The project’s added value – across our region – is that it:

–           Embeds us locally through practical actions making an active contribution to supporting young people and youth employment.

–           Gives practical form to converging interests with Groupama elected representatives (regional impetus and development), generating value from the region’s assets and resources.

–           Cooperate with the driving forces of the local economy and solve matters at source through agile creation of an appropriate and tailor-made training course.

–           Strengthen the employer brand and create/add to a skills pool.