Groupama Sigorta (Turquie)

On 1 April 2019, Groupama Sigorta undertook the “Big Bang” migration of all of its systems – operational, Core (premiums and claims), BI (Business Intelligence) and Finance (collection, accounts) – to a new tool, ANKA. Over the following months, this migration generated stress and crisis in our management of our operational processes because of the significant complexity of this switch: 1,500 general agents involved, 300 million data items, our 400 employees and 8 service providers and partners affected. To ensure the effective management of bug fixes and upgrades to the ANKA system, Aï-Ki-Do was launched in July 2019 with a company-wide, Agile-mode work management plan. The success of this migration prompted us to expand the project in 2020 to manage the digital transformation of the Company

Co-ordinated by the Information System team and supported by the entire management committee, Aï-Ki-Do involves over 40% of our employees across all departments, as well as our external service providers and agents.

Aï-Ki-Do is a generalised version of the Scrum method applied to all of our projects. Teams are organised into two-week themed sprints (subscriptions, claims, sales, etc.) run by a Project Owner and supported by a Scrum Master, and featuring progress updates every morning. The basic philosophy of the sprint is to focus on a few functions to be resolved or priority development work that has been identified; the following sprint moves the project forward iteratively. In this way, all participants have learned to see solutions rather than problems, learn from mistakes and adapt wherever necessary to change roadmaps while on the move; and lastly, for example, to start to see this type of behaviour adopted across the whole company.

Over a six-month period in 2019, Aï-Ki-Do achieved: 150 2-week sprints, fixing more than 5,000 faults and delivering 2,000 new functions for ANKA. In 2020, it has continued for ANKA with the same level of intensity.

Over a six-month period in 2020, Aï-Ki-Do achievements have included: 13 RPA (Robot Process Automation) projects delivered, a predictive artificial intelligence-based model for renewing profitable policies in Motor Damages, a best-in-class smartphone application for our agents; currently in test phase with a launch scheduled for late October, a “Speech-to-Text” machine learning tool delivered in August with an initial customer call centre performance monitoring application, a multichannel version of a customer chatbot/voicebot due in late December, and much more besides.

During the lockdown, Aï-Ki-Do was able to show off the full range of its abilities, because the very regular monitoring that is a feature of Agile mode is entirely compatible with teleworking. It maximised the contributions made by business experts, enabling projects to be delivered on schedule.

In addition to the specific Aï-Ki-Do projects, it has also provided a more general way of transitioning from a process-oriented, silo-based structure to a more agile one focused on customers and results.