Groupama Assurances Mutuelles, Groupama Supports et Services, Groupama Nord-Est, Groupama d'Oc, Groupama Paris Val de Loire et Gan Assurances

  • Goal

Modernize the internal communication systems of the Group and its entities to improve the employee experience.

  • Solution

The implementation of Digital Workplaces, instead of the previous intranets, in order to provide employees an innovative tools that are both convivial and efficient.

  • How it works

A pilot was performed with reference companies (GOC, GNE, GPVL and Gan Assurances), in order to build the foundations of the model for future Digital Workplaces. This common base is being progressively extended out to other Group companies, while considering their specific challenges and needs. Each entity is free to adapt and enrich the base with new functionalities and options. All the adjustments made during the rollout are shared and made available to all the entities, so that the Digital Workplaces can evolve over time.

  • Added value

Community approach: benefit from each other’s experience, adapt and sustain the solution. For employees: easier access to information and a work environment that is more convivial and performant.