Les gestes qui sauvent

Groupama Loire Bretagne et Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

Today, in France, 27% of the population has received first-aid training. France is one of the most backward European countries in this respect. Did you know that if French people were trained in first aid, we could save 20,000 lives every year? Furthermore, since the beginning of the year, the number of cardiac arrest victims has risen sharply as a result of the health crisis (see Appendix 1).

For this reason, Groupama Loire Bretagne has decided to take meaningful and visible action to support this cause by training 4,000 people (elected representatives, employees, members and prospects). We will be drawing on our mutual support communities and the Loire-Atlantique fire services, with whom we have partnered for a number of years.

Here are a few figures to illustrate this remarkable work…

1 interactive online booking tool for the general public

3 days of training

74 local mutuals involved

80 participating emergency centres

240 firefighters providing training

More than 560 training courses organised across the department

And we hope, 1,000 elected representatives and employees trained, as well as 3,000 members and prospects

Groupama sees this project as a responsible, useful and generous commitment for the company, in line with our purpose, consistent with our vocation as an insurer and conveying a meaningful message in terms of image and reputation.

This project provides an opportunity to offer a strong local demonstration of our mutualist values and to use our shared values and common uniting goal to boost our employees’ sense of belonging.

We believe that human values must be the glue that binds corporate commitment in the coming period.