Club partenaires

Groupama Loire Bretagne

Club Partenaires
  • Goal

To have a common management tool between GLB and its commercial partners (real estate agents, garages, etc.) to better monitor the leads received and the development of sales generated via this network.

  • Solution

Creation of a 100% digital tool to facilitate the follow-up of partners’ indications and their implementation by the Groupama network.

  • How it works

Real-time monitoring of the status of indications transmitted by our partners and processed by the sales network.

Access to statistics both for the partner (number of referrals, quotes, new business and amount of remuneration) and for the regional mutual (follow-up by partner, by field, by department of referrals, transformation rate).

  • Added value 

For the partners: real-time monitoring of their remuneration and for Groupama: generation of a qualified complementary business flow for the sales network.

The tool helps to create links and maintain relationships between local partners.

Through its interaction with local businesses, Groupama demonstrates its commitment to the regions.