Groupama “Real life is insured here”



Groupama: Insurer of the real world

Habits change, and risks and lifestyles evolve.

In a world where everything happens very quickly and is constantly moving, insurance must adapt at the same pace. In this changing world, Groupama’s mutual insurance roots are its strength to offer the best insurance and to best support its members each day in all stages of their lives. A true hands-on insurer, as close as possible to its members’ needs,

Groupama gives real meaning to the human dimension of the policyholder/insurer relationship. Proximity promotes human contact, empathy and efficiency, allowing issues to be handled more personally and pragmatically.

That’s what being the insurer of real life is all about!

Its focus on real life can also be seen in Groupama’s 27,000 volunteer representatives, 2,700 local mutuals, 9 regional mutuals and 25,000 employees who work each day throughout France as players in the lives of people, listening to and serving its 6,5 million customers.


Founded in 1986, the history of the Groupama brand is based on a guiding theme:

• Proximity: a network of agencies with a very strong local presence, permitting a close relationship with our customers

• Realism: no unrealistic promises in our advertisements, a representation of real/true situations to embody a brand that has its “feet on the ground” and helps its customers secure their present so they can look to the future with confidence.

• Utility: the brand’s objective is to offer only what truly serves its customers and to be useful in its responses in terms of products and services offered.

• Community: forging a strong commitment with our customers and members often involves the warm side of the Groupama brand.

Advertising message : The saga of 'Cerise', the face of the brand

2005 – 2007: CUSTOMER CERISE

2005, kick-off of the 1st Cerise campaign, following the adventures of this young, goofy brunette, reminiscent of Amélie Poulain, who is confronted with everyday hazards.


In 2007, the Groupama brand laid the groundwork for all its marketing and commercial fundamentals for the individual insurance market to help develop its insurance and banking activity.
In 2008, we shifted from Cerise as a customer, to whom Groupama provided all the solutions, to Cerise as an advisor, who provides solutions in all cases. Cerise is now an essential “asset” of the brand and is part of Groupama’s winning advertising strategy. She provides customers with the appropriate Groupama solution to a problem and defuses the situation through the kindness of her attitude and her ability to provide the right solution.
Over the period of 2008-2011, a media strategy with a heavy TV focus was chosen, supported online and supplemented by a presence during the year in cinema sponsorship.


The worsened financial environment in 2011 and 2012 was an appropriate setting to establish a “creative expression” of the advertising strategy. Retaining its local relationship positioning, Groupama changed its advertising message to meet the following objectives:
• Strengthen a positioning in connection with the Group’s strategy
• Ensure that “Always there for me” is heard more as a promise of a long-lasting relationship with our customers and establish the brand based on “openness to others” and “benevolence”.
• Portray a competent, professional Cerise
• Allow offerings (products and services) to emerge more


The Groupama brand has evolved…and so has Cerise. Natural and rooted in real life, she now embodies all the dimensions of the brand. In interaction with all the categories of Groupama members, she takes a closer position with them, makes a commitment to knowing them better in order to serve them better, whatever their concerns. Cerise is proactive and constantly asks questions, tests ideas, and proposes innovative solutions. Cerise thus fully embodies the brand’s proximity and connection with the real world.

Distribution networks


A historical source of differentiation and competitiveness, the Groupama brand’s confirmed proximity can be seen at several levels:

• listening and respect for the customer;

• ability to provide useful solutions adapted to the needs of each customer;

• quality of relations.

It is expressed concretely through the network of regional mutuals, which provide territorial coverage, as well as through a multi-channel approach.



The Groupama brand is also synonymous with a wide range of non-life and life insurance products, in 9 countries, mainly in Europe.