Wizz Game

Groupama Nord-Est

GNE – Wizz game

In 2014, Groupama Nord-Est launched the "Improvement of Customer Satisfaction" (ASC) initiative, which was renamed "Satisf'Action". All employees worked hard together and their commitment paid off; the regional mutual's results are now amongst the best in the Group.


To maintain and strengthen this position, Wizz Game has been adapted for raising awareness and cementing the training of these employees. Wizz Game helps raise awareness about the efficient handling of customer requests and complaints as well as reinforcing collectively correct conduct for carrying out interactions related to these issues. It also contributes to Groupama “becoming the insurer of choice due to our quality of service”.

In practical terms, Wizz Game is an interactive, digital board game that is similar to “Trivial Pursuit”. It is available to managers as a tool for leading an exercise where teams challenge each other and reply in turn to 3 categories of questions:

  • “Meaning and challenges”: questions to make players aware of customer interactions concerning “requests” and “complaints”
  • “Role play”: using a specific situation, each team acts out a sketch adopting correct conduct vis-a-vis a request or complaint from an internal or external customer
  • “Surprise question”: lucky or unlucky, these questions affect the team’s score, make the game more interesting and add an element of fun

The game was launched in April 2018 and was rolled out to teams at the end of June. Approximately 900 of the 1,200 employees at Groupama Nord-Est have already tried the game at least once, i.e. a total of more than 100 games played. The game has been well received by the teams, who are motivated to play the game, but we need to keep up the good dynamic, notably by relaunching it in September.