Perso videos

Groupama Sigorta


In July 2018, Groupama Sigorta developed an innovative approach for improving customer relations by rolling out a technology with the support of an external service provider to create contextual, personalised videos that are sent privately to customers.


Over the course of an insurance policy there are certain key moments that can be used to improve the customer’s perception of the company. That is why these videos are sent by text message at specific moments: underwriting, contract renewal, complaints, etc.

The aim of these videos is to provide as much customer satisfaction as possible, enrich the database and grow the business.

The process is fully automated, which facilitates usage for the customer.  By clicking on the link in the text message, the customer can watch the video directly. This is fully personalised, i.e. it only mentions information that is specific to the customer.

In July 2018, 3,000 text messages were sent. Initial results show a positive impact with relatively high read rates. The text message click rate is 24%. The click rate for viewing the video is 84%.