Here is something smart!

Groupama Zhivotozastrahovane et Zastrahovane

Groupama Bulgaria – ‘Here’s something smart !

Although Bulgaria has a relatively small insurance market, it has more than 31 life insurance and non-life insurance players, some of which established a presence well before Groupama. This is why the brand must work on its recognition with regard to potential customers. In the last few years, Groupama has managed to considerably increase awareness of its brand, from 32.9% in 2015 to 75.1% in 2018. However, the brand must still find ways of setting itself apart from its competitors, but also of responding to current trends concerning the acquisition and liquidation processes.

Bulgaria’s current insurance offer is based on digital functions intended to make the consumer’s everyday life easier. This type of offer largely responds to the demands of generations Y and X, who may also be prescribers. For this reason, Groupama developed a whole new communication campaign “Here is something smart!” to give the brand the power to attract customers. This uses revolutionary digital solutions that are not always developed and communicated by competitors in the insurance sector.

In addition to improving the brand’s image, this communication campaign is intended to promote video assistance as well as the service for registering a claim remotely.