Amaline Assurances


Amaguiz is always on the lookout for new innovative solutions to make consumers' lives easier and to provide the best possible customer experience. With the voice application Amaguiz on Google Assistant, producing your insurance quote becomes fun, easy and quick.


Whether or not you are a customer of Amaguiz, you simply have to tell your Google Home or your smartphone “OK Google. Contact Amaguiz”. Héloïz, the digital assistant, will ask you five questions to draw up an estimate of your home insurance rate (based on your address, whether you are the owner or not, whether it’s a house or a flat, and your date of birth). A quote will then be sent to you via SMS and a meeting will be suggested to finalise the underwriting with an Amaguiz advisor.

The application is designed for curious, demanding and impatient consumers who are looking for a simple and efficient home insurance solution. Today it is mainly used by technophiles but in the future it will be used much more broadly: Google expects a third of research to be made vocally in France by 2020 (and 50% in the United States).

Héloïz provides added value by making new uses available as well as new conversational features. It draws on artificial intelligence to benefit the user. The Amaguiz voice application provides an optimal user experience using just the voice, without needing to touch a screen or type. This creates emotional ties with the brand.

This project was developed entirely in-house, fully autonomously and using agile methods in just ten days. The team used web services that were already in place to create the voice application as easily as a mobile or Internet page. The only requirement is to have a flexible and agile information system, which is open and easy to interface.