Groupama Pass

Groupama Asfalistiki


Groupama Pass is a mobile application that enables insurance cards to be digitalised. Policyholders can use their smartphones to access important information on their motor insurance policies (registration number, policy number, etc.) at any time.


Groupama Pass works on smartphones while the insurance policy is valid and is deactivated when the contract expires. The application can be downloaded and activated via the customer portal or by email. It is designed like an electronic wallet in which the policyholder can store their documents and access any information they need quickly at any time.

This project is intended to serve as a test for assessing Apple’s PassKit Framework technology and its application in the insurance sector. In its initial version, Groupama Pass is only available for motor insurance. The project’s roadmap plans to take account of all insurance policies as well as Groupama Asfalistiki customers’ mutual card.

As an integration and management tool for customers’ important data, the Groupama Pass makes a positive contribution to the multi-channel approach to offer customers a better experience and therefore increase their level of satisfaction. More specifically, the project aims to improve the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The platform was presented at Groupama Group’s international digital forum.