Le bar à coaching

Amaline Assurances

Amaline Assurances – Bar à coaching_v2

At Amaline, all new sales advisors take part in Académiz, the in-house training centre. Created in March 2018 by two Customer Service employees, the "coaching bar" enables the sales advisors to sign up to these internal workshops where best practices are discussed on a voluntary basis.


They receive three-week training on products, tools and sales methods with a focus on both theory and practice. The workshops are organised by advisors, managers and dedicated instructors. They also get close support during their first months working for the company. Moreover, all advisors can also take part in training courses to help them gain new skills every year.

The four objectives of this “coaching bar” include:

  • Improving training on operational topics that correspond to Amaline’s offers;
  • Spreading best practices that can be implemented straight away;
  • Making employees responsible for their own success, by making workshops on specific topics optional;
  • Providing training opportunities on targeted topics that take into account the skills required at the time.

It has a new format: the training courses are run for six to nine participants, in a dynamic, collaborative and friendly setting, where everyone can play an active role by sharing their ideas and best practices. All participants are now invited to share their ideas rather than simply listening to the instructors. These courses take place in an open, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

Employees can sign up to the workshops that interest them on the Webquest website and are encouraged to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the session. A WhatsApp group is then created to share best practices with fellow employees in real time.