Groupama Grand Est


Groupama Grand Est and Ligue Grand Est de Football (LGEF) are strengthening their partnership by teaming up to promote the ACTIFOOT application. The app is for everyone involved in football in France’s Grand Est region (club directors, coaches, players, referees, etc.).

This “service for clubs” is a platform that groups all the information, supports, contacts and details necessary to support amateur football clubs of the Grand Est region on a daily basis in managing their sports activities: organising competitions, announcing results, etc. It also makes available everything that an associative organisation must know to provide for their club.

The services proposed must enable clubs to meet the four challenges that associations are faced with:

– ecological transition, which requires them to reconsider, for example, means of transport, water consumption and waste management;

– digital transition, which changes the means of communication with the licensees and the Ligue, with the challenge of collective mobilisation;

– economic transition: with public funding contracting, clubs must diversify their sources of income by changing the economic model adopted by associations;

– institutional or democratic transition, which requires clubs to review their governance in order to promote volunteering. In fact, there has never been so many volunteers in France, but the number of volunteers deeply involved on a daily basis is falling.

These services must support clubs in implementing change, and make them aware of their social and educational role, as well as their essential mission of actively promoting the region. The objective is both to promote local action and support projects in various areas such as solidarity, prevention, sharing resources, implementing the federal educational programme, homework assistance, etc.