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Groupama and Bancaja sign a bancassurance agreement in Spain

Analyst - 12 January 2009


Founded in 1878 in the Valencia region, Bancaja is the third largest savings bank in Spain and the country’s sixth largest banking establishment. Its net profit reached 491.2 million euros…

Groupama creates a major new player in the Italian Insurance market

Analyst - 22 October 2009


Groupama, one of Europe’s leading insurance companies and France’s largest mutual insurer, today announced the launch ofGroupama Assicurazioni.The new company, created through the merger of Groupama Italia and Nuova Tirrena,…

Groupama Garancia Biztosító becomes major insurance player in Hungary

Press - 6 April 2009


Groupama Garancia Biztosító Zrt also aims to improve its quality of service. Starting in September 2009, its customer teleservicing centre will be developed and new Internet services set up. A…

France-Based Groupama S.A.'s 'A+' Ratings Affirmed; Outlook Stable

Analyst - 14 October 2008


10-14-2008 Ratings S&P. October 14, 2008 (S&P Press Release) pdf – 421.32 Ko…

Groupama acquire the Romanian insurer Asiban (3rd on the Romanian market)

Analyst - 4 September 2008


The exclusive talks announced on 03 April between Banca Comercială Română S.A (BCR)., BRD-Groupe Société Générale S.A.(BRD), Banca Transilvania S.A. (BT), Casa de Economii şi Consemnaţiuni CEC S.A (CEC), on…

Groupama Presentation at the UBS Debt Insurance Conference

Analyst - 26 September 2008


09-26-2008 Groupama Presentation at the UBS Debt Insurance Conference pdf – 713.80 Ko…

Groupama increases its stake in cegid group

Analyst - 17 December 2008


The transaction, carried out on 12th December 2008, increases the Groupama stake to 23.86% of the capital and 21.87% of the voting rights of CEGID Group (from the previous figures…

Partnership Cegid Group - Groupama S.A.

Analyst - 25 October 2007


The project is articulated around the joint development and distribution of innovative, collaborative tools to advisory firms, in particular CPAs, and to other businesses so as to meet corporate needs…

Groupama gains a foothold in Romania

Analyst - 18 October 2007


BT Asigurari is the 9th largest non-life and the 12th largest life insurer in Romania, with a market share of 4% and a premium income of €60 million in 2006….

Groupama S.A., in exclusive talks (Phoenix Metrolife)

Analyst - 16 February 2007


Groupama S.A., Emporiki Bank and Crédit Agricole S.A. announce that they have reached an agreement on a definitive list of key terms and conditions for the acquisition by Groupama International…