Group CSR indicators

Social indicators

indicateurs RSE_societaux_EN
Our mutualist organisation has always made people the focus of the company’s actions and concerns. True to this spirit and the mutualist operating principles for more than 100 years, the group affirms its desire to continue integrating social and environmental concerns into the business lines.
We have therefore chosen to focus on CSR progress areas directly in line with our corporate strategy and our core business. The performance indicators below reflect our desire to take environmental, social and governance considerations into account in our products and services.


HR indicators

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For several years, the Group has made numerous commitments involving the HR issues of CSR: joining the Global Compact and adhering to its 10 principles, signing charters (Diversity, Parenthood, etc.), establishing the Ethics Charter, and negotiating and entering into Group Agreements (Diversity, Mobility, Quality of Life at Work).
Drawing on its values, it engages in social policies and numerous significant actions on the various HR aspects of CSR: professional gender equality, work/life balance, awareness, and training on topics of non-discrimination, recruitment (particularly young people) and employment of seniors and disabled workers.


Environmental Indicators

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The group’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its development of a policy to reduce its consumption (paper, water and energy) and cut its CO2 emissions and waste.