“Ton Club, Ton Maillot” returns for a 4th season!

5 May 2023


TCTM 4 – Illustration

For the past 3 years, Groupama has been supporting amateur cycling clubs by providing them with complete sets of jerseys and shorts for their members. In total, over 355 amateur clubs and 10,000 licensed cyclists have already benefited from Groupama's support throughout mainland France and overseas territories.

Recognizing that these associations are the ones keeping the passion for cycling alive in local communities, Groupama does not plan to stop there.

Starting from May 5, 2023, Groupama launches the 4th season of the “Ton Club, Ton Maillot” campaign to further strengthen its commitment to the amateur cycling world. The goal is to select 130 cycling clubs that will, in turn, receive 20 free sets of jerseys for their members! This year brings a new feature as not only road cycling clubs will be rewarded, but also clubs that promote other disciplines such as mountain biking, gravel riding, and cyclo-cross.