Groupama partners with Réseau Initiative France to support entrepreneurship in the territories

18 May 2022


Jean-Claude Hugueny, Treasurer of the Initiative France network, Jérôme Moy, President of Groupama Loire Bretagne, Guillaume Pepy, President of the Initiative France network, Patricia Lexcellent, General delegate of the Initiative France network, Jean-Yves Dagès, President of Groupama, Thierry Martel, General Director of Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

On May 18th, Groupama and the Réseau Initiative France signed a partnership agreement based on their respective local roots. Their common will: to support the local economy and entrepreneurship.

 The Réseau Initiative France is the leading network of associations for financing and assisting business creators, buyers, and developers. Created in 1985, the network has strong local roots with more than 200 associations throughout France – both in metropolitan and overseas areas.

Logo Initiative France


To contribute to the revival and economic development of the territories, Groupama wishes to support the actions of the Réseau Initiative France in favour of the creation, takeover, and sustainable development of local businesses in sectors of activity such as trade, crafts or even agriculture.

This national partnership strengthens the existing and already well-established relationships between Groupama’s regional mutuals and the Réseau Initiative France, in about one hundred territories. The aim is to intensify and diversify support for project holders, by providing support for entrepreneurs, from the presentation of the project, through financing via an honorary loan, and then through monitoring the stages of the company’s development.

Groupama, the leading insurer in the agricultural sector, will provide Réseau Initiative France with its expertise in this area.