Groupama-FDJ cycling team – In 2021, a team structured to win on all fronts

19 January 2021

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For its 25th official presentation, Groupama-FDJ cycling team has renewed its exercise by offering it to the general public for the first time thanks to a new digital format. Surrounded by animators Denis Brogniart and Louis-Pierre Frileux as wel as six of his riders, Marc Madiot, General Manager of the team, returned to a 2020 season marked by 21 victories. He then presented his team's ambitions for the next season. To each his own ground, to each his qualities for a single watchword: each time compose the team capable of winning on all fronts!

On set, Marc Madiot began by looking back on a 2020 season shaken by the health crisis and by the forced end of the competition calendar. Thanks to the reaffirmed confidence of the two title partners, Groupama and FDJ, the team remained mobilized throughout the season, which Marc Madiot and the riders did not fail to salute. Each Pole of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team, at its level, has worked to ensure that the group is competitive from the start. It was on this breeding ground of confidence and team spirit that the group was able to set off again in August on a reshaped schedule.

21 victories have rewarded this work, making Groupama-FDJ cycling team the most
prolific in the French peloton and the 4th internationally. A large part of the score goes to Arnaud Démare who, with 14 victories including a French Championship and four stages on the Giro d’Italia (from which he brought back the cyclamen jersey for best sprinter), is the rider in the world who has won the most in 2020. The Swiss Stefan Küng is not to be outdone, crowned Swiss Champion on the road and in time trial, then European Champion in the discipline before winning bronze at the World Championship! These victories are the culmination of the seriousness and precision of the rider, perfectly supported by the technical partners concerned.

On the Grand Tours side, David Gaudu has established himself at the highest level of the climbing hierarchy by winning two stages in the Vuelta. As for the Tour de France, marked by the heavy crash of Thibaut Pinot from the first hours of the race, it will have revealed the great tenacity and courage of a rider but also of a whole group which has never given up, until the Champs Elysees.

“Take the start every morning with the means and the desire to win”

For Marc Madiot, this mobilization and this sense of collective effort are the great learnings of 2020 and the foundations of the 2021 season. Each Pole of the team has continued to expand, learn, innovate and develop. The winter allowed the sports direction to work on tailor-made programs so that each of the 30 riders had a race that  to their talent and sporting characteristics.

Thus, it is with determination and ambition that Thibaut Pinot will return to the roads of
the Giro d’Italia, the first drafts of which herald a very mountainous course. Before that, he will have big winning goals like Tirreno Adriatico and the Tour of the Alps. Starting every morning with the means and the desire to win, these are also Arnaud Démare’s goals. He will be the strong man of a Tour de France richer in sprinting   than in its 2020 edition. Surrounded by his enviable train, he will also tackle the Tour La Provence and then Paris-Nice.

Stefan Küng, with new time trial titles in the lead, has built with the sports direction a 2021 plan in progress, from Flanders Classics (on which he excelled in 2020) to the national, continental and world time trial championships, where nothing will be left to chance. The Tokyo Olympic Games, for which he will seek a selection, will undoubtedly be a beacon throughout his season, just like for Benjamin Thomas.

David Gaudu will continue to evolve among the greatest climbers of the peloton. He will be lined up for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Brest, at home. Co-leader of the team alongside Arnaud Démare, he will seek to reproduce the same level of performance as in the Vuelta 2020, in terms of the general classification and stage victories. He will be accompanied in particular by his longtime acolyte, also from
‘Bretagne’, Valentin Madouas. The latter, on whom expectations are high, will also be in charge of the group on the Ardennes Classics. Called on to greater responsibilities, he has the full confidence of Groupama-FDJ cycling team, with whom he has announced that he has re-engaged until the end of 2024.

Finally, Marc Madiot praised the work of his Continental team, whose help and support
were more than precious during a 2020 season with many challenges. The bridge between the two entities, which materialized throughout the season by reinforcements of the riders of La Conti in the ranks of the WorldTeam, allowed the arrival of three new talents at the highest level: the Briton Jake Stewart, Frenchman Clément Davy and Dutchman Lars Van Den Berg. Since its creation in early 2019, this has brought the number of La Conti riders who have joined the ranks of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team to six.

Winning together, leaving nothing to chance, working seriously on terrain that corresponds to everyone, these are the axes presented by the Groupama-FDJ cycling team during this official presentation of 2021. Marc Madiot reminded us, ’30 riders, a jersey, two committed sponsors and 22 partners to bring the performance to life: in 2021, thanks to our collective, whatever the race, the team will win’.


  • Marc Madiot praised the unfailing mobilization of each of the team members during the Covid-19 health crisis.
  • The Groupama-FDJ cycling team ends 2020 once again being the best French team with 21 victories, including 14 for Arnaud Démare, the most prolific rider in the world.
  • The collective is at the heart of the 2021 strategy of Groupama-FDJ cycling team, as is the construction of tailor-made race programs, so that each rider is aligned with the race profiles that correspond to him.
  • Thibaut Pinot is determined to return to the Giro d´Italia, which has already given him a prestigious victory and whose profile better matches its characteristics.
    Arnaud Démare and David Gaudu will be the two leaders of the team lined up for the start of the Tour de France; they will be accompanied in particular by another ‘breton’ in the person of Valentin Madouas.
  • Valentin Madouas renews his commitment with Groupama-FDJ cycling team until 2024.
  • Stefan Küng will put his rigor and his seriousness at the service of new time trial titles but also on the Flanders Classics for which he is an undeniable asset.
  • Six riders have already taken advantage of the bridge between the Groupama FDJ Continentale cycling team and its WorldTour-level big sister.

2020 has been a very special year for me. While I was at the start of the Tour de France ready and ambitious, a crash in the first stage made me give up my podium dreams. Despite the pain and severity of my injuries, I did not give up and refused to abandon. Holding on well allowed me to take the start of the penultimate stage, at the Planche des Belles Filles, at home and in front of my home crowd. It will be one of the fondest memories of my career for life. After discussion with the sports direction team, we made the decision to go through the Giro d´Italia this year. The Tour de France is rather made for a rouleur and I know that I will find roads that will better match my profile on the Italian race. I love Italy and its public; I return to the Giro with great happiness and am determined to give everything, with the group that will be selected for this race. The idea of this season is really that everyone can line up on races that suit them, to increase our chances of raising our arms. But I can also assure you that my history with the Tour de France is not over. I deeply love this race, which certainly brought me some difficult times but also the greatest successes of my career. I can already promise that you will see me there again, and very soon.

Thibaut Pinot

2020 has been the great year of my career. Thanks to the confidence of Groupama, FDJ and the team, we have made the forced cessation of competitions a chance to strengthen ourselves, to go further in the collective. I arrived on my first competitions with a knife between my teeth, perfectly alignedwith my train and the group spoke to itself. This is the first time that I have left a Grand Tour with the best sprinter jersey: what a memory! Not to mention my third French Champion jersey... I'm not afraid of 2021; I already know that my program is built so that we will do even better. I have enormous pleasure and ambition at the idea of returning to the Tour de France. The race will offer me great opportunities and we will seize them all.

Arnaud Démare


Bruno ARMIRAIL (France)
Matteo BADILATTI (Switzerland)
William BONNET (France)
Alexys BRUNEL (France)
Clément DAVY (France)
Mickaël DELAGE (France)
Arnaud DEMARE (France)
Antoine DUCHESNE (Canada)
David GAUDU (France)
Kevin GENIETS (Luxemburg)
Jacopo GUARNIERI (Italy)
Simon GUGLIELMI (France)
Ignatas KONOVALOVAS (Lithuania)
Stefan KÜNG (Switzerland)
Matthieu LADAGNOUS (France)
Olivier LE GAC (France)
Fabian LIENHARD (Switzerland)
Tobias LUDVIGSSON (Sweden)
Valentin MADOUAS (France)
Rudy MOLARD (France)
Thibaut PINOT (France)
Sébastien REICHENBACH (Switzerland)
Anthony ROUX (France)
Miles SCOTSON (Australia)
Romain SEIGLE (France)
Ramon SINKELDAM (The Netherlands)
Jake STEWART (United Kingdom)
Benjamin THOMAS (France)
Attila VALTER (Hungary)
Lars VAN DEN BERG (The Netherlands)

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