Groupama and PRO BTP have launched Sévéane

26 January 2010


Sévéane, the health platform created by the PRO BTP/Groupama partnership, is up and running for the companies' 6 million policyholders

Six months after announcing their partnership, Groupama and PRO BTP, as planned, have launchedSévéane, a joint structure for managing the health professionals’ networks.

Sévéane, which has been up and running since 18 January, will enable all 6 million of the companies’ health policyholders to benefit from value-added services in both optical and dental care while reducing the amount they have to pay out of their own pockets.

The new web portal is facilitating communication with more than 5,000 partner opticians and dentists as well as the management of their customers’ and patients’ records.

This substantial project – half-way between provident society and insurer – is a fine illustration of the partnership between two companies that share the same values and the same desire to control health expenditure and put policyholders at the centre of their concerns.