ESG Climate 2020 Report

24 June 2021


Groupama ESG Climate 2020
Cyril Roux

What 2020 shows is that a large number of major risks identified on the planet are now part of our daily lives: pandemic risk and its health and economic impacts, cyber risk rising sharply, and climate risk, a particularly important challenge for Groupama: the damage linked to climate change is becoming more and more significant, as shown by the frost episode in spring 2021.
More than ever, we must be ready to face these risks that we are experiencing.
Controlling risks, whether insurance or financial, increasingly requires integrating unpredictable environmental and social risk events. More and more, Groupama is integrating, measuring and managing the risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social and corporate governance challenges in its property and financial asset management.
Groupama's financial management therefore has a dual role:
• Maximise the resilience of the assets entrusted to it, over the long term, by optimising risks and opportunities, particularly those related to the impact of global warming on asset value;
• Contribute to building a more sustainable society, by financing, beyond the energy
transition, a post-crisis recovery.
The 2020 crisis and the heralded recovery, both of which are exceptional, are an opportunity to mobilise around a more sustainable economy: preserving the environment, creating jobs, strengthening European industrial tools, making the global supply chain more accountable, and developing a circular economy and more local and environmentally friendly consumption.
Financial asset management is one of the main keys in building a sustainable planet and human, economic and social prosperity.

Cyril Roux

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