“With the good and the bad”

Groupama Asigurari

Groupama Asigurari – ‘With the good and the bad’ Employer branding campaign

Over the last few years, it has proven difficult to attract and retain a quality workforce. For insurers, these difficulties are accentuated by the stereotypes associated with the industry, such as it being a closed, linear and not particularly appealing sector for the new generation. Against this backdrop, Groupama Asigurari decided to launch its first employer brand campaign, “With the good and the bad”. It is the only Romanian insurer to have launched a humorous and amusing employer brand campaign.

This campaign’s main objective is to establish a well-defined place in the minds of current and future employees as regards Groupama’s value proposition, intended to increase their engagement. It depicts the company and its employees as they are. Groupama believes that the small imperfections in each individual must be accepted, which is why the campaign seeks to present a realistic image of its employees, in order to convey the image of an honest and mature company.

Through these three videos showing different situations, the objective was also to showcase the company as an employer and discover what motivates its employees by sharing the most important aspects of their everyday lives.