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Groupama Assicurazioni – Vivi Groupama

A survey conducted by ANIA (Italy’s National Association of Insurance) in partnership with market research company GFK has shown that the number of contacts between insurance companies and customers over one year is relatively weak (1.1 times). This data reflects the need of a loyalty programme. In May 2019, Groupama Assicurazioni thus launched Vivi Groupama in order to make the Customer-Company Agent relationship more sustainable and more frequent over time. This programme enables us to:

  • Increase contact possibilities
  • Provide the agents network with a useful tool with which to increase traffic within the agency
  • Promote new products and services
  • Consolidate customer loyalty
  • Facilitate the purchase of products to globalise the customer by applying entry-level reductions


  • Encourage the purchase of new insurance policies and services. Agents have a key role and have been provided with a dedicated platform, on which they:
  • have an updated real-time view of registered customers
  • can follow their participation (actions undertaken, premiums requested)
  • have a points kitty depending on the number of customers in the portfolio, which they can award at their discretion to their customers in order to reach premium thresholds. These elements may facilitate a positive, constructive and exclusive contact between customer and agent. The Vivi Groupama programme has also been incorporated into the Groupama Assicurazioni corporate application.


Customers only have to download the application, log into the reserved area and sign up to the loyalty programme (just one click). They only need an active contract to automatically accumulate points, calculated on the basis of business and value events. These give users the opportunity to enjoy lower insurance premiums.