Vidéos personnalisées

Groupama Loire Bretagne

GLB – Vidéos personnalisées

Making a claim is always a troubling time and customers expect their insurer to provide a personalised, reassuring welcome and handle their claim simply, seamlessly and proactively. All too often, when a claim is made by telephone, the customer-who is often under considerable stress-only remembers some of the information given by his/her compensation manager.


This is why, since July 2018, Groupama Loire Bretagne has been taking innovative steps by addressing a personalised video, lasting 45 seconds, to members the day after they have made a claim. This simple, light-hearted video helps reassure the member about the handling of their claim, summarises the key claim resolution steps and reminds them of Groupama’s commitments to accompany them throughout this process.

The video is tailed to each member and includes the following information: the name of the policyholder, the date of the claim, contact details for the claim department, visuals tailored to the gender and age of the victim or the socio-professional category of the policy holder as well as information tailed according to the thresholds selected by the member.

This innovative approach was developed in partnership with VIDATA, a company specialising in digital marketing. This approach will boost Groupama’s business performance as well as the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Of the 140 emails sent out during the period in question, there were 89 visits to the landing page, with 76 of these visitors watching the video, i.e. a ratio of 85%.

The objective is to broaden the diffusion of these videos, so that they are also sent out for motor and home insurance claims, and particularly to members and customers of other Groupama Group entities.