Gan Assurances


Univ’Gan (or Mon Université Gan Mobile) is a simple, fun and intuitive digital training tool, accessible everywhere and on all supports (smartphone, tablet, PC).

It is an innovative way of formulating training, as it adapts to learners’ physical and time constraints, and not vice versa: the modules are short and concise. Some may take the form of a game, with learners able to challenge each other. The offline version overcomes network-related issues. This is therefore a tool available to learners that is easy to use and accessible, even when in the field.

Furthermore, in its design, the choice was made to bring together someone from the “business line” (providing expertise) and someone from the training department (education) to create the various modules. In this way, every department can support skills enhancement, “business line” changes and evolutions, and above all, disseminate best practices among general agents and Gan Assurances employees.

Finally, Univ’Gan is also about providing dedicated information, with a mix of legal monitoring and current events in insurance. An article is published every two weeks on a variety of different subjects. Hence, the application really helps drive responsiveness. It enables agents to adapt to developments that are not always widely communicated; they can thus quickly position themselves to support their customers in these changes, by anticipating their needs.

Ultimately, this tool will enable our employees and our network of agents to establish their professionalism and expertise among their customers and prospects, and set themselves apart from the competition.

To conclude, let’s hear from the users: “Finally in the 21st century“, “You’ve heard us“, “Super, a real app“, “We were impressed“.