Transformer et agir ensemble

Groupama Loire Bretagne, Groupama Supports et Services et Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

GLB – Transformer et agir ensemble

Transformer et agir ensemble are the initiatives created in parallel in each entity to serve the same objective/challenge, who meet to undertake actions. For several years, in connection with their environments, internal and external developments, entities are required to conduct and support change while developing their methods. Within this framework, the following have been developed:

  • a structured and managed “Coopér’Actions” initiative within Groupama Loire Bretagne
  • a programme supporting agile transformation within G2S

Support to the development of cooperation programmes within the Group HR Department.

The meeting of these three entities has enabled the implementation of common actions to fulfil shared objectives :

  • To disseminate cooperation and facilitation practices
  • To share in order to inspire each other
  • To co-build together
  • To pull together/develop skills

Overall, to accelerate the transformation of operational methods and actions serving performance: customer satisfaction AND efficiency, AND pleasure at work.