TOP Employer

Groupama Asigurari

Top_Employer_Judith Kis_Aurelia Boga

Groupama Asigurari was awarded the Top Employer Certification in 2018, becoming the first Romanian insurer to have it. It helps to promote Groupama's employer brand on the Romanian market against a backdrop of strong competition for recruiting talent.


When the project was first launched, the aim was not only to receive the certification but also to achieve a global score of ten per cent above the result required for the certification (60%). They easily succeeded in their mission because after the audit in February 2018, Groupama Asigurari got the certification of 76%.

After the certification was awarded, the Human Resources Department launched an internal and external communication campaign to highlight this success, together with the Marketing & Communication department. The initiative was sponsored by their GM and by the Executive Committee. The certification enabled them to place the Top Employer logo beside the Groupama logo in their communications.

It contributes to the Groupama strategy because it helps to retain and attract talent, to engage employees and to make them proud of working for Groupama. This certification enabled Groupama to obtain valued recognition, placing it among the top 13 Romanian employers. The subsidiary is aiming to be one of the three leading insurers on the Romanian market by 2020.