Groupama Grand Est


The SwELP application, which was created by Sentinel, is a digital solution for making emergency alerts and managing crisis situations. Groupama Grand Est is a partner of this application. The regional mutual worked with Sentinel to create a solution for mayors.


Groupama, the leading insurer for local authorities with 4,200 community policyholders in the Groupama Grand Est area, covers, among other guarantees, the responsibility of mayors and community buildings. It has now gone a step further by positioning itself as a partner for mayors in their day-to-day work.

The SwELP LRP (local response plan) application dedicated to mayors and local authorities provides an innovative service, helping mayors to cover their responsibilities and legal obligations in the event of a crisis. It enables Groupama Grand Est to become their everyday partner.

With the SwELP solution, mayors can:

  • COMMUNICATE with their fellow citizens for their safety
  • PROTECT people until the emergency services arrive
  • MOBILISE the active forces of the community

Here are a few examples of cases which would require the mayor to alert, inform and mobilise people: fires, accidents, aggressions, attacks, heart attacks, poisoning, gas, radioactivity, pollution, storms, snow, extreme cold, floods and heatwaves.