Sondes à fourrage connectées

Groupama Grand Est et Groupama d'Oc


Dozens of fires break out on farms every year. In addition to the financial losses incurred-which can amount to several hundreds of thousands of euros-these disasters destroy the work tools of farmers (buildings, fodders, equipment, livestock, etc.) and cause irreversible emotional trauma.


To provide practical help in preventing risks linked to the spontaneous combustion of fodder, Groupama Grand Est and Groupama d’Oc offer smart sensor probes to their members.

This measure provides assistance to farmers, giving them a central role in fodder protection:

  • It encourages members to check up on their stock regularly.
  • They can use mobile sensor probes to measure the temperature of a large number of bales of straw manually.
  • They can determine which bales are at risk and place fixed probes there.

The probes provided continuously transmit temperature data to the users’ computer, tablet or smartphone. If the temperature exceeds the risk threshold, the farmer is alerted immediately by SMS. He can therefore act very quickly to prevent a fire. It is a smart, simple, reliable and reasonably-priced solution that enables farmers to monitor their fodder with peace of mind.