Shadow Executive Committee

Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne


The Shadow Executive Committee was led by two sponsors, members of the Management Committee, as well as a day-to-day facilitator. Consisting of eight employees, with no criteria relating to age or hierarchical level, the Shadow Executive Committee has an “annual” mandate, with all members being replaced every year. What is this body’s purpose? It has a single goal: to take a different look at the major issues facing the company and to challenge the Management Committee’s vision.

It is also a “resource” body, to which the Management Committee entrusts four subjects to study per year: two topics are entrusted to two groups of four people. Every topic, sponsored by a Management Committee member, is the subject of a specific purchase order, a file delivery date and a presentation to the Management Committee.

To fulfil its duties, the Shadow Executive Committee is provided with:

– a full budget

– a day every month taken from work time. Outside of this dedicated day, it is up to the members to organise their work.

In this its first year, the Committee’s work concerned management change within the company, with the organisation of a “CHANGE THE WORK” day, during which design thinking workshops highlighted various projects in order to improve managerial practices. These projects are currently being considered for implementation before the end of 2019, when it will be time to hand over to the next committee members.