Programme Retraite

Groupama Gan Vie

GGVie – Programme Retraite

The project's goal is to make Groupama the reference group in matters relating to pensions. The Pension Programme serves to address the issue of retirement globally and through an approach focused on customer needs to be able to answer their questions and help them with their retirement plans, as well as offer them suitable products.


Groupama joined forces with the fintech Sapiendo-Retraite, a recognised pensions expert in France, to enhance the programme’s offering of digital services.


“At what age can I retire? How much money will I receive? When is the best moment to claim my rights? Are my career records correct? Has my situation been optimised?” The programme gives a quick and personalised response to frequently asked questions. Estimating your retirement, identifying any irregularities, and optimising your retirement by buying quarters are just some of the features that will be available on the platform.

The Pension Programme is based on digital solutions:

  • A unique digital platform focused on customer questions;
  • An innovative and comprehensive value proposition that includes services to help customers prepare their retirement (fully digitalised retirement studies) as well as a painless savings solution (the retirement pot application);
  • A new distribution model that combines physical (the advisor and his iVie sales assistant tool) and digital (retirement coach available via chat, email or telephone, three-way meetings with the customer and website) methods.