Partenariat avec l’équipe nationale de rugby

Groupama Asigurari

partenariat rugby

By sponsoring the Romanian Rugby Federation (FRR) in May 2018, Groupama Asigurari further distinguished itself through its focus on excellence (of the national rugby team and of Groupama in its dealings with customers). Groupama is winning over the Romanian market by promoting factors that make it stand out. These include values displayed every day in their customer relations.


Twenty-nine years after the revolution, Romanians are looking for strong values. The Oaks and the rugby world promote positive values in Romania and abroad: solidarity, proximity and trust.

Also, rugby brings Romania and France together, because a number of players from the national team are part of the clubs’ Top 14 players. It is important to note that Groupama started supporting the Romanian national team in 2018, a hundred years after the creation of Greater Romania after the First World War, with France’s help.

Groupama has only been operating in Romania for nine years. This partnership is an opportunity to increase the brand’s visibility, with the aim of helping it become the second biggest actor on the market after Allianz. Groupama was associated with rugby and the Oaks through a major publicity campaign (TV and online, as well in printed media) featuring the players. Its slogan “The obstacles you encounter along the way are of little importance compared to the people by your side” is perfectly in line with Groupama’s values.