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Recent research from the ANIA (National Association of Insurance Companies) has revealed that Italy is under-insured. The study of the relationship between Italians, risk prevention and insurance highlighted a number of interesting trends such as a lack of awareness and the difficulty faced by a lot of Italians in understanding their exposure to risk.


In order to respond to the insurance needs of Italians and to help them understand the insurance market, Groupama Assicurazioni, the Italian leader in risk prevention through innovation, launched a disruptive solution called My Protection in May 2017. My Protection is the first insurance product for the general protection of people that can cover life and non-life insurance in a single policy. The customer is the main focus of the measure. He can quickly obtain a clear analysis of his insurance needs.

One of the main characteristics of the product is the “dynamic configurator”, a free risk assessment available online: it is a short interactive interview with a list of quick questions for the prospect and customer (on life factors such as their status, work, properties and lifestyle). They can answer questions on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Once it is finished, the “dynamic configurator” puts forward an initial insurance proposal that unites four policies into a single one.