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Consumption patterns are changing: customers are looking for fee-for-services, available immediately, without subscription, without having to sign a contract that commits them, hence the strong growth in so-called “no commitment” offers. The legal field has not escaped this change in behaviour; in response, LegalTech start-ups are changing the traditional practice of law and making available to litigants digital tools simplifying access to law. Numerous companies are investing in this competitive universe by diversifying their offers or partnering LegalTech companies: Groupama Protection Juridique could not just stand by and watch!

With MonDroit, Groupama Protection Juridique wanted to offer a service that differed from the traditional legal protection contract by developing a platform to resolve everyday disputes, in partnership with a Paris law firm.

Thanks to its legal expertise and focus on quality, Groupama Protection Juridique offers its customers a quality service, which is supported by legal professionals, 100% digital, accessible, simple to use and effective. Customers may thus resolve their disputes in a few clicks. All they need to do is provide some information on their problem, and Groupama Protection Juridique will take care of sending, by recommended letter, a legally argued, contextualised formal notice signed by a lawyer to their adversary.

It is this specific feature that sets MonDroit apart from other tools of the same type: a lawyer’s letter for less than €25, while competitors offer a standard letter with little context signed by the customer themselves, for a similar or higher price.

In addition, customers can follow developments in their litigation through their customer space. MonDroit also offers a totally free tool to automatically draft everyday documents (cancellation, lease notice, letter of resignation, etc.) as well as legal information in layman’s terms. MonDroit is thus a point of reference in online dispute resolution, in that customers are assisted by real legal professionals and benefit from the experience and focus on quality of the Groupama Group.