Moi-Elu 3.0

Groupama d'Oc

Moi-Elu 3.0

Groupama d’Oc has developed the ultra-practical and free Moi-Elu 3.0 application for its elected representatives. Available on smartphone, tablet or PC, it is an application for elected representatives, designed by elected representatives. Its purpose is to improve interactivity between the company and the chairmen of local mutuals to better support them in their role, contribute to commercial development and improve service quality for members.

Since September 2018, departmental federation and local mutual chairmen and the employees of Groupama d’Oc (IT, corporate and sales) have been involved in its design. The app meets one of the challenges posed by the Vision project: to place elected representatives at the heart of its organisation, by backing digital development and adoption.

The Moi-Elu 3.0 app achieves several objectives:

– to promote knowledge by providing access to information on the local mutual (accounts, portfolio composition, employees’ contact details, etc.);

– to support commercial development by flagging up opportunities to the network via the recommendation function. The elected representative may follow the recommendation at each stage and see if the contract has been concluded;

– to improve the quality of service among members by enabling elected representatives to send claims directly to employees.

Its most popular functions include:

– access to information on the local mutual members (contact details, number of contracts, amount of premiums, presence at general meetings, etc.);

– tracking information in the event of a claim that brings together members on the ground;

– a detailed directory of sales and corporate contacts in the local mutual, with the possibility of contacting them directly via the app, etc.;

– information on branches: hours, address, etc.;

– access to the necessary tools regarding the functioning of the local mutual (general meetings, board of directors’ meetings, etc.);

– communication and prevention supports;

– a section grouping various useful links to websites related to Groupama as well as prevention platforms (health, domestic accidents, first aid, etc.).