Les séminaires Vision

Groupama Assurances Mutuelles

GMA – Les Séminaires Vision

The 2018 Groupama Vision seminars were held from January to July and brought together just under 900 directors and executive managers from all the companies. They are a continuation of the Vision days held in March 2017 and of the work carried out by the Group Executive Committee on future projects.


They are an important step for creating a new Group dynamic, based partly on managerial innovation. It is essential that we support a joint management culture, by implementing new work and management methods. These seminars were designed to strengthen the innovation aspect of the March 2017 Vision days, extend the Group dynamic while increasing proximity through a format that includes nine sessions, reinforce the Business dimension and work on agile methods.

The seminars were based on an Innovathon. Each team was asked to invent a product/service solution based on the theme of their session to meet the needs of their persona in five steps: Understand, Imagine, Prototype, Test and Pitch. They were supported by the CEOs present, an inspiring keynote, feedback on start-up experiences and coaching from Fabernovel leaders. After two half days of work, they had to produce a poster campaign, a digital prototype and a video pitch to present their project.

According to a survey filled in by participants after the seminars, the level of satisfaction was 99%, both for the seminars’ organisation and the messages and content. Moreover, the transmission tools package (on a website) launched in July were very widely used.