Le Forum Ouvert

Groupama Centre Manche

GCM – Le Forum Ouvert

Since March 2018, Groupama Centre Manche has been working on an internal process with its 1,300 employees to create the regional mutual's new corporate plan: UNIS-VERS 2020. The Open Forum, a collective intelligence event organised by GCM, is a cornerstone for this process.


It is a day dedicated to co-building the corporate plan, drawing on collective intelligence methods. The day comprised several key events and workshops organised in an innovative fashion.

The Open Forum was very productive and highly appreciated by participants. Their work was then used to draw up the main objectives of the corporate plan and the initial actions to take. Over 350 ideas and actions were put forward overall. After the event, these proposals were grouped into twelve themes within the “UNIS-VERS 2020 roadmap”.

The UNIS-VERS 2020 corporate plan served to highlight Groupama’s employer brand and managerial innovation. This collaborative methodology could easily be used in the Group’s other entities as well.