La Fabrique

Gan Assurances

La Fabrique

La Fabrique, a stage in the onboarding process, a training activity but also a cooperation experience for new permanent staff who have been at Gan Assurances for 0 to 6 months.

Over two and a half days, participants will pursue a mission: to build the best insurance company!

To fulfil this mission, they will take up two challenges:

  • LES FAB’BRIQUES: each team (in groups of three or four people) builds its campus block by block according to the challenges set (chrono’gan, organi’gan, galaxie gan, etc.): The team with the largest campus wins!
  • The FAB’BUSINESS: through an insurance company management simulation game and the construction of a visual identity. Each team takes decisions for three business periods on: premium levels, risk acceptance, claim settlement level, investment in marketing, innovations, CRM, prevention and the level of salespeople commissions on all customer products and segments.

This responds in particular to two objectives set by Executive Management:

Employee engagement: onboarding stages are the first indicator of the employee experience. They are a source of loyalty-building and commitment.

Results culture: participants manage an insurance campaign targeting profitable growth and customer satisfaction.