La cagnotte HUG

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Cagnotte HUG

La cagnotte HUG project was launched to respond to the main issue faced by most customers, “I want to save, but I don’t have any capacity to save”. This kitty offers various discounts on purchases made at HUG programme partner stores. Once the threshold of €30 has been reached, this kitty is automatically paid to the customer’s savings/pensions scheme. The ecosystem of partner retailers consists of national brands and local retailers, thanks to the salespeople who can register their PRO/TNS customers in the portfolio in this ecosystem.

The HUG programme meets different objectives depending on the stakeholders:

– INDIVIDUAL customers accumulate euros in the kitty through their everyday spending and thereby save for their retirement.

– PRO/TNS customers increase their revenues by benefiting from the group’s customers, improve their visibility and benefit from a lower-cost loyalty programme.

– Advisors can offer an innovative and differentiating service to their PARTICULIER & PRO customers, but also enter into eligible contracts, approach their PRO customers more easily and soon… gather interesting information on HUG kitty customers almost in real time, enabling them to make the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

To date, the programme has been rolled out progressively on the Gan Patrimoine and Gan Prévoyance networks. On target, the HUG kitty would be rolled out on two networks by the end of 2019, while deployment among Groupama regional mutuals could begin from October 2019.