Groupama Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta – Healpy

In April 2018 Groupama Sigorta launched HEAPLY, a mobile app offering healthcare services to customers and prospects. The app was created to showcase the innovative side of the Group to the general public, to highlight CSR, improve customer relations and provide coaching and advice on good practices for your health, as well as helping manage costs related to health insurance claims.


HEALPY has many functionalities. You can save your medical appointments, receive supplemental health insurance offers, take advantage of a video consultation service provided by a healthcare professional, call an approved ambulance in just one click, track a physical activity, etc.

HEALPY also connects users who do a physical activity with a social responsibility project to help support the Turkish Spinal Cord Injury Association. 460 steps registered over a 5-month period directly contributed to the donation of 7 wheelchairs to this charity.

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Initial results are extremely encouraging, with 23,400 downloads as of 29 August 2018.

HEALPY was launched with a comprehensive communications campaign in June and July 2018, and was also the subject of significant internal communication.