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The Gabriel application is “assistance in the pocket”. It was developed to enable people to ask for help quickly and effectively in stressful situations. The app offers a simple and intuitive way to get in touch with support teams 24/7. The policy holder or their loved ones are automatically recognised, identified and geolocated by specialists teams who can come to their aid as quickly as possible. The application thus consists of seven buttons with clear icons: • three buttons (car, home, hospitalisation) to contact assistance services relating to the contracts taken out with Groupama. When customers press these buttons, they are automatically redirected to the right Mutuaide platform. The assistance coordinator receives a “Gabriel” form that enables him/her to talk in a personalised manner (e.g. Hello Mr Durand, I see you have a problem with your Twingo. We have located you at 5 rue des mouettes in Bron. Is this correct?…) • one SOS button (112 equivalent) which gets through to the Cofintex (remote assistance) platforms. In addition to having their location, the teams will be able to communicate with customers and send them appropriate help. One of the app’s small “pluses”: this alert button adapts to the country you’re in. Outside France, it is no longer the Cofintex platforms that are connected but the official emergency services of the country in which the person is located (if geolocation is activated). • three service buttons that can be used every day:

  • An “eye on me” to be able to alert and be monitored by a loved one during an activity or a trip (jogging, travel, etc.). The loved one receives a text message at the start and end of the planned activity + a geolocation link of the person. They will also thus be able to come to the person’s aid if they do not indicate that their activity is completed.
  • “Where are you?” is a grouped geolocation principle that enables members of a family or friends to find each other easily in an instant within a geographical area (handy on holiday in a town you’re not familiar with!)
  • “I’m going on a trip” is a range of travel-related services around the topics of: “prepare my trip” and “assistance abroad”. Users will also be able to create a travel journal with photos they can send to their loved ones in addition to sharing their location.