Flexible Benefits Program “Myflexpack”

Groupama Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta – Myflexpack

“Myflexpack” is a Groupama Sigorta HR platform that enables employees to choose their own employee benefits according to their personal needs within an allocated budget. It helps attract new talent by giving Groupama a competitive advantage, because no other insurance company in Turkey offers such a versatile employee benefits programme.

Among the employee benefits they enjoy, Groupama Turkey employees may decide to replace some of them (given by default to everyone) for other benefits, thanks to a flexible “à la carte” choice.

For example, among the four existing social benefits, they may choose other benefits in lieu.

  • Social benefits, by default, which may be replaced;
  • Benefits that can replace social benefits;
  • Health insurance;
  • Restaurant vouchers First aid indemnity Three days annual leave;
  • Family health insurance;
  • Private pension plan Gift vouchers: food, supplies, clothing, trips, technological equipment.

The programme has an employee participation rate of 55%.