Disruptive Communication #Risk

Groupama Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta – Communication disruptive #Risk

In order to support its brand’s visibility, Groupama Sigorta used two key events in the year to set itself apart from traditional announcements in insurance with an unprecedented tone and campaign messages, in social media and billboards. The messages use the positive notion of the risk taken by everyone in their life and every day, while Groupama is there for insurable risks (in connection with the “Kafana Takma Sigortan Groupama” / “Never mind, your insurance is Groupama” signature). In February, around St. Valentine’s Day: #TakeRisksForLove (#AşkIçinRiskAl). This summer (mid-July to mid-August), during the holidays: #LivingIsTakingRisks (#YaşamakRiskAlmaktir). The two campaigns were built around: – Video animations of 1 minute each (three animations per campaign), on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube of Groupama Turkey), telling stories that reflect real life. The stories of the first campaign do not refer to an insurance product (the objective being, however, to set the brand apart with a romantic message that differs from the generally rational messages from an insurer), while the stories of the summer were centred around the motor, home and health insurance products (which protect you on your trips and in your holiday activities = message of peace of mind and freedom). Within this social media component, the summer campaign also involved a competition on Instagram, to win a two-day trip on the Lycian Way hiking trail (Southern Turkey), relayed by an influencer on their Instagram account with our Health animation video. – Billboards (420 panels in three towns), including panels in the centre of Istanbul used to create a buzz on social networks for each of the two campaigns.