Groupama is introducing a new Eco-friendly Appliance Replacement Plan

8 July 2009

To promote energy savings in the home, Groupama is introducing an innovative new "Eco-friendly" Appliance Replacement Plan. All non-reparable faulty appliances will be systematically replaced, at no additional cost.

Every day, the French rely on a variety of household appliances: each household has on average 6.5 large appliances and 13 small appliances 1 . An increasing number of consumers would like to purchase low-energy and low-pollution appliances, as they are aware of the environmental issues at stake, and are therefore willing to make the shift. Always aware of its customers’ preferences and keen to contribute to progressing environmental values, Groupama, France’s leading household insurer, is introducing a plan that includes the replacement of appliances with new “eco-friendly” models.
All non-reparable faulty appliances will be systematically replaced, at no additional cost, with an eco-friendly apparatus of at least Class A, or even A+.


Groupama’s new “eco-friendly” replacement cover

The Groupama household insurance policy, PRIVATIS, includes an optional “new replacement” clause in its CONFORT (comfort) plan, or is automatically included in the TRANQUILLITE (peace of mind) plan. Over 400,000 Groupama customers have already taken out this type of cover. They are now being offered to systematically switch to new eco-friendly appliances at no additional cost2 . The advantages are twofold:

  • They will save on their water and power bills (30 to 40%), while protecting the environment;
  • They will enjoy the benefits of appliances using the latest technology.

For Patricia Legrand, Director, Private Property Insurance, Groupama, “The introduction of this new cover will enable customers to play an active role in protecting the environment, while at the same time boosting their purchasing power, and will directly drive households to acquire eco-friendly appliances“.

Changing attitudes: no passing trend

Consumer awareness of the potential savings is now driving sales of eco-friendly household appliances:

  • Energy rating labels clearly identify the most efficient appliances. The majority of consumers are aware of energy rating labels3 and refer to them when purchasing an appliance: in 2007, 79% of those aware of these labels considered it directly influenced their product choice.
  • The difference in purchase price is largely offset by the subsequent savings: 30 to 40% savings on water and power bills for Class A appliances and above.


Over 500 million household appliances used daily

According to GIFAM, the number of appliances in use is very high: 165 million large appliances, 310 million small appliances, and over 50 million fixed electric heating and hot water appliances. Each year, 13.5 million large household appliances, 36 million small appliances and 6.5 million electric heating and hot water appliances are purchased by French consumers, that is an average of 150,000 appliances a day.


1 Source: GIFAM (French Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers).
2 Appliances concerned: non-reparable whiteware (washing machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, hobs and cookers).
3 81% of people questioned, compared with 63% in 2007, according to a SOFRES-ADEME survey published in 2008.