Pépinière de talents

Groupama Loire Bretagne


Employees are the first creators of added value. This is why the aim of Strategic Workforce Planning at Groupama Loire Bretagne is to encourage and facilitate internal mobility. This is part of the strategy of matching needs with the most relevant resources. The strategy helps develop employee employability, strengthen company culture and manage the payroll.


The Strategic Workforce Planning tools and processes have been developed around this strategy and are now fully integrated into the company’s HR processes, such as the annual review, staff reviews, the Careers Committee and the Classification Commission.

The talent incubator is the final aspect of this strategy and ensures the coherence of said strategy. The starting of the process is when an employee outlines their career plan during the annual review. This is then shared, during the employee reviews, with HR by the line manager who will decide whether this career plan is feasible. This allows employees with potential to be identified.

The initial identification is then provided to members of the Management Committee, who will then make the decision at the Careers Committee. Potential roles are then defined in accordance with upcoming corporate projects, the provisional recruitment plan and previous internal mobility.

The employees who are being considered for the roles undertake an assessment to decide whether they can participate in the talent incubator. If the employee is chosen to join the talent incubator, the results of the assessment will enable tailored plans to be made for the individual’s development.

The talent incubator allows employees’ potential to be recognised by offering them the opportunity to fast track the development of their existing expertise, so that they are fully equipped when a role that meets their career plan becomes available.