KOMI, la ferme connectée

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For increased prevention, G2S has developed the "Connected Farm (Ferme Connectée) mobile app (Komi), which enables connected agricultural objects to be managed from your smartphone.


The first connected objects integrated into the app are video surveillance, connected fences, milk tanks and fodder probes. In addition to agricultural connected objects, various additional information is also available via data feeds, such as information on the weather and prices of materials.

In 2018 we were able to test this service amongst farmers. We also tested the reliability of objects from partnerships or initiatives from regional mutuals. A boot camp is underway to define the future business model for the mobile app, with the marketing of the service planned for 2019.

The mobile app developed by G2S will be the guardian angel for operations, as the app will manage, detect, monitor and alert. The application will enable farmers to control operations and gain peace of mind and increased productivity and reactivity as well as saving time. The next steps will be to develop this service for connected oysters and connected irrigation lines.

In addition to offering an innovative service to farmers who put their trust in Groupama, this initial IoT agricultural G2S project will also enable the future Groupama platform-which will host other IoT projects such as Health, Motor, Home insurance projects, etc.-to be built and tested.