Groupama Méditerranée

GMED – Illico’doc

"Illico'doc" was created at Groupama Méditerranée to improve the quality of our service. This app, installed on a smartphone, enables the customer-member to send the insurer documents related to healthcare, motor, home and civil liability insurance claims easily and quickly; a photo is all that is required. Once the document is received by the company, it will immediately be entered into the document management system (EDM) and sent to the contact concerned.


The mobile application is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. The process is easy: The customer-member downloads the application, registers for the service by providing the name of his/her regional mutual, customer ID and date of birth. The customer then receives a confirmation text message and can start using the app.

Four subjects are available on the app: Healthcare services, motor insurance claims, home insurance claims and civil liability claims. The customer takes and sends a picture of the invoice or quote. In just two clicks, the document is converted into a digital format and sent as an enhanced PDF which will be incorporated immediately in the EDM of the regional mutual.

Groupama Méditerranée uses the EDM settings to do this. All documents sent via the app are flagged up for priority treatment. The immediate benefit is a reduction in the time taken to process the claim, which provides added satisfaction for our customer-members. “Illico’doc” tends towards a zero paper approach and therefore contributes to one of the company’s other objectives, namely improving economic efficiency.